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How much can this New Beazer Home save me?

eSMART homes save up to 27% in whole-house energy costs.*
A popular 2,944-square-foot Beazer home with standard eSMART features in your climate zone could net an estimated whole-house energy cost improvement of up to 27% compared to a similar-sized home built 10 to 15 years ago.*
Additionally, we include a home energy monitor in every Beazer eSMART home. According to an independent study, you could save an extra 5–15% in electricity usage, if used as directed.**

Not only was the Homebuyer Tax Credit extended to give eligible first-time homebuyers an up to $8,000 credit, but now those who’ve owned a home for at least 5 consecutive years are eligible for an up to $6,500 credit.***

* Based on NAHB Research Center, Beazer Homes eSMART Energy Analysis (October 2009), using building assumptions established through the DOE Building America program. Performance comparison and energy cost savings based on whole-house use estimates generated by proprietary computer software modeling, underlying building assumptions, and 2007 average energy prices and reflect estimated savings in heating and cooling energy, lighting and dishwasher. Actual savings may vary and may depend in part on occupant behavior, timing and/or fluctuating costs of energy usage, and actual climate zone conditions.
** Sarah Darby, The Effectiveness of Feedback on Energy Consumption, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford (April 2006).

***The information contained in this ad is for informational purposes only and does not constitute legal or tax advice. Beazer does not advise on such matters and urges you to seek professional assistance to determine whether you qualify for the tax credit. This information is not an offer in any state where prior registration is required or where void by law. All rights reserved.

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